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The Complete Guide for Punjab tourist places

Punjab state is famously known for the land of five rivers. Punjab State is renowned for its cuisine, culture and history. Punjab is located in the north west of India. Punjab is an agricultural state that prides itself on its food grain production, hence Popularly referred to as the “Granary of India”. Punjab tourist places are famous for diverse ancient monuments, gurudwaras, temples, ashrams, serene lakes, sacred shrines, museums, and wildlife sanctuaries, which are home to many rare species of animals and migratory birds. The most important Punjab tourist places in the state are Amritsar with its Golden Temple. Jalianwallah Bagh is one of the Punjab tourist places in the city where many pilgrims were killed by the British police in the year 1919. Read our guide for Punjab tourist places, things to do in Punjab and also check the best places to visit in Punjab.

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