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Best Places for Dussehra Celebration
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Best Places for Dussehra Celebration in India

Dussehra or Vijayadashami, celebrated on the last day of Navratri symbolises the victory of good over evil. Below are the Best Places for Dussehra Celebration all over India during Navratri. The Dussehra festival is celebrated all over the country. Find out Best Places for Dussehra Celebration in India.

List of some Best Places for Dussehra Celebration

1. Durga Puja, Kolkata 

Dussehra in West Bengal is one of the best places to celebrate known as Durga Puja. In Kolkata, it is a 5-day long cultural imaginative drama festival that starts from the 6th day and the 10th day being the Durga Visarjan. It believes that Goddess Durga visits her first home at this time of the year. The whole city shines with hundreds of different theme based pandals with the life-size idols of Durga. Overcrowded streets, huge pandals, minarets, and great lightings make the festival of Durga Puja in Kolkata a memorable event. The celebration goes with the ceremony of exchanging warm wishes and the sweetening of mouths with bites of Rasagulla.

2. Mysore, Karnataka is Best Places for Dussehra Celebration

Dussehra Festival in Mysore is well known as “Nadahabba,” the state festival of Karnataka. Dussehra begins with Navratri and ends as Vijayadashami. The decoration of Mysore palace in Karnataka with 100,000 light bulbs attracts most of the visitors.  On this day Goddess Durga killed the demon Mahishasur, so city named as Mysuru. Thus, Vijayadashami is of the symbol of holy over evil. The idol of the Goddess Chamundeshwari (Goddess Durga), placed on a golden mantapa on the top of a decorated elephant also seems to be the main attraction during Navratri.  A traditional Jumboo Savari takes place on the last day. In the evening, from 8 p.m., there’s a torch-light parade at the Bannimantap grounds of the Mysore city.

3. Kullu, Himachal Pradesh 

Kullu Dussehra is the renowned festival of Kullu valley, celebrated on the last day. One of the best place for Dussehra Celebration is the Dhalpur Maidan in Kullu. The day is well known for Lord Rama victory over demon Ravan. Around 200 local deities including goddess Hadimba from Manali are brought to the Temple of Raghunathji during Navratri. The Dussehra celebration comes to an end with a heap of wood and grass set to fire on the bank of the Beas River on the day of Vijayadashami.

4. Ahmedabad, Gujarat

The nine days of Navratri in Ahmedabad, Gujarat describes the nine aspects of Maa Shakti. Devotees of Maa Shakti follows the nine-day fast from sunrise till sunset. Ahmedabad is one of the Best Places for Dussehra Celebration during Navratri because of the main attraction of its folk dance “Garba.” Devotees from different places perform the Garba around the statue of Goddess Shakti with full of devotion. The last day of Navratri celebrates as a symbol of holy.

Best Places for Dussehra Celebration
Best Places for Dussehra Celebration

5. Baster, Chhattisgarh Best Places for Dussehra Celebration

The Baster is one of the Best Places for Dussehra Celebration In india. Dussehra Festival is most important festivals in Baster, Chhatisgarh is Dussehra which is celebrated with lots of enthusiasm and joy. All the deities from nearby villages unite at the temple of Danteshwari in Jagdalpur. The myth of killing demon Ravan by Lord Rama is well-known in most parts of India. But in Bastar, the tribes celebrate Dussehra as a gathering of Devi Mavli and all her sisters. Dussehra in Bastar begins on the dark moon (Amavasya) in the month of Shravan and ends in the month of Ashvin. Furthermore, The main attraction of the Dussehra celebration in Bastar is its double-decker chariot (rath).

6. Best Celebration Of Dussehra In Vijayawada, Andra Pradesh

Vijayawada is one of the Best Places for Dussehra Celebration In india. The Vijayadashami or Dussehra celebrated with fanfare in Vijayawada Kanaka Durga Temple in Andra Pradesh. The celebration of Dussehra continuous for nine days and the last day as Vijayadashami. Furthermore, The ceremony of Vijayadashami organized at Sri Kanaka Durga Temple on the banks of River Krishna. The chief deity Kanaka Durga Devi is decorated in various forms during these days, that is the main attraction of Dussehra in Vijayawada.

7. Best Places for Dussehra Celebration is Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

The 10-day celebration of Navratri in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh is one of the Best Places for Dussehra Celebration In india. The main attraction of Varanasi, Ramlila enacts the lives of Lord Rama, Sita, and Lakshman. Ramnagar city, at a distance of 15 km is famous for Ramlila. The main aim of this is to make the people know the myth of Ramayana, an ancient Hindu epic.

8. Delhi is Best Places for Dussehra Celebration

Dussehra celebration in Delhi is one of the dramatic and entertaining festivals. With the coloured lights and flowers decoration of Lord Rama temples in Delhi makes the festival more attractive. In Delhi, there are almost 1000 Ramlila and 250 puja pandals organized in each year. Some of the famous shows of Ramlila performed at Ramlila Maidan, and Red Fort lawns in Delhi. On the last day, the statue of Ravana, Kumbhakaran, and Meghanath burn as a symbol of victory of good over evil. This whole ceremony follows the fabulous fireworks.

9. Kota, Rajasthan is Best places to visit during Dussehra

The main attraction of the Dussehra festival in Kota is the 75 feet tall statue of demon Ravana. The other attractions also include the processions and the spectacular representations of the life of Lord Rama from an ancient Hindu epic Ramayana. The 75 feet statue of Ravan burned on the last day. Not only villagers from Kota, But also people from other parts of India as well as foreigners gather there and celebrate Dussehra as a triumph of good over evil.

In Conclusion:

Moreover, here we explore Unique Ways and Best Places for Dussehra Celebration in India. These are some of the Best Places to Celebrate Dussehra Festival which will show the beauty of the festival and the different way Dussehra Celebration. You can know more about the history of the Dussehra Festival.

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