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Want to know the Best Beach in Goa for Nightlife?

The night is young, they say.  In Goa, the night is forever young! Nights shine brightly even with a starless sky, ’cause stars in the sky just happen to fall down and slip into your eyes, “Best Beach in Goa for Nightlife”.

Goa changes the concept of the beauty of paradise. Paradise is divine, and Goa has wine, whiskey and feni! Yes, you can laugh at the tryst with the pun.

It’s just that Goa apparently is the only destination that is the presumed delight for everyone, young, old, native and tourist, national and international You ask anyone, and it is on their lips… Nightlife in Goa for Singles and Best Beaches in Goa for Nightlife.

It is all about having a super fun and safe fun in this place… and so, why Goa is a sizzling sweetheart ‘cities’ is definitely not a mystery!

Best Beach in Goa for Nightlife:

It is how you see your night here. Actually at any place in Goa. They are glittering spaces with sound, resonance and dancing hearts. Every beach here is the best beach in Goa for nightlife. Every nook and corner in Goa is created to entertain you. It somehow just happens!

Goan speciality is…yes!! Beach shacks. It is interesting and slightly amazing how the word ‘shack’ has come up. It is living its full-time glory. Thanks to the popularity of beaches in Goa.

Liven up the night with bright lights, cocktails, food and amazing enchanting music. Feel the waves coming to you. The night is the time of the tides. So, get poetic with splashing waves and a drink in hand. Create your music. That is how it happens in movies. The mood!

Curlie’s is the name, a very popular one. This is near Anjuna beach, serves the best onion marmalade with pate. Onion marmalade. Sounds intriguing to me but I am sure, not to good cooks and chefs!

Goa Nightlife Bonfire and a Barbeque is Near Calangute Beach:

Best Beach in Goa for Nightlife Amazing Experience
Best Beach in Goa for Nightlife Amazing Experience

This far it was about being near the waves. Now, let’s talk on the waves. The vast waters which are closest to you on the beach beckon you aboard the cruises. Party Cruises. These happen on the Mandovi River. Live music, dance and aromatic food. What hearty fun, bud!

Pubs and Clubs here are all taste, flavour, and ambience. Pick your area, friends, time. Call it best beach in Goa for nightlife or nightlife in Goa for singles. Think of it as pure holidaying fun; Goa doesn’t disappoint you. Ever.

Awesome Places to Experience Nightlife in Goa for Singles:

Goa Nightlife - Best Beach in Goa for Nightlife
Goa Nightlife – Best Beach in Goa for Nightlife

You go to places and they have the Best Beach in Goa for Nightlife in Goa for Singles

‘Single’ has become a designation! And, a striking identity.  But in Goa, just forget it!  Just party. And, drink, and twist and turn and whirl!

North Goa is head over heels in partying, pubbing and dancing. There is not a single soul who wouldn’t know where to send you if you are single and new. Even if you are a seasoned tourist and single, you could find some refreshing places to play your heels!

Heard of silent noise parties?  I am sure, the travellers do. Especially the beach revellers! These are on Palolem beach, kinda distinct, they say. Well, you could always take off your headphone, in case, you prefer loud noise and join another, similar soul!

Amazing Goa Nightlife:

Dance on Trance music, pop music, hard rock music. It is a superb fact how Goa fun-lovingly encashes the beach beauty. Also, the hill slopes.  The smaller spaces are a fantasy-laden haven for singles and couples and party-lovers.

For once, The Best Beach in Goa for Nightlife and Nightlife in Goa for Singles is a joy. Safety is a well thought of aspect in Goa and thanks God for it! All pubs, discotheques have actually raised the bar in making the women folk feel comfortable and trouble-free.

There is the least entrance fee, and mostly it is free for girls and women. Ladies pay a minimum amount on drinks, and they can dance the entire night out.

Couples also have to pay entrance although it is a fair amount and one can expect trouble-free entry and exit.

Premium drinks charge high. Entry fee for single men is 2k to 3k and depends on where you are visiting.

Behold and Revel in Nightlife in Goa for Singles

Nightlife in Goa for Singles
Nightlife in Goa for Singles

You actually don’t know where to stop in Goa to party! Partying is everywhere. Daytime might see you in a different avatar for party and nightlife in Goa for singles would sure see the dazzling you.

Make your list. You won’t be forever in Goa. So, if you are an NRI, keep Goa atop your list for the party. If you think you can plan once every six months till you exhaust your list, then chill. Keep coming back to a new pub each time.

The Best Beach in Goa for Nightlife are the two happening thoughts that keep the lasses and gentlemen hovering around the beaches and streets all attractive and buoyant. Music, decor, drinks and dine decorate the visiting people’s nightlife.

Women pay 700 usually and on Wednesday have a free entrance with Ladies Night. Single men pay Rs. 2,000 and for couples, an entry fee is at Rs. 1,500.

Best Beach in Goa for Nightlife Here Single men pay everywhere, regardless of the time they enter any club. The state has taken able steps to keep its nightlife clean and healthy for its own society and tourists.

All the beaches and the main streets and even the hillocks are full of surprising Nightlife in Goa for Singles. The wonderful part of it all is the safety of the visitors that are given utmost importance.

LPK, Club Cubana, Tito, Mambo’s, Leopard Valley, Cohiba, Destination One, Tease Lounge… you name them, and they have you dancing on your toes and drinking galore. Here’s wishing you safe drive and drink and dance!


Whether you step on at the Best Beach in Goa for Nightlife or drink and dance away enjoying Nightlife in Goa for Singles, Goa has your wits charmed and takes you high on another level of a spirited and sprightly holiday adventure.

Make sure you keep your favourite names of beaches, clubs and fashion shops listed correctly in the mind. But that ain’t a worry. In conclusion, Goa has for you all the right spots for all the Right Shots! Book yourself a Ticket Now for Best Places to Visit in Goa for Youngsters You can visit here to many clubs, beach parties, cafes, pubs and many more things.

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