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Luxury trains in India Introduction

Luxury trains in India are the most useful facility for travelers. The luxury train travels providing more facilities & comfort than other train travel facilities. Luxury train tours are not only a system of transportation but also trips where you’re in no rush to arrive at the destination. So, I would like to provide data about the various types of luxury trains in India.

Types of Luxury trains in India:

1) The Deccan Odyssey
2) Maharajas’ Express
3) The Golden Chariot
4) Royal Rajasthan on Wheels
5) Palace on Wheels

Luxury trains tours history

Nowadays, people, life is too fast & busy hence they want super-fast trains, or we can say high-speed express for the timesaving purpose. In the period of yesterdays, there were slow passengers trains were available for travelers who took more time to reach destinations & also they wouldn’t be able to give us comfort. To solve these type of problems super fast & luxurious trains are invented which will able to answer all issues as well as provide comfort too. Let us discuss the most luxurious trains in India which will give you feeling like the royal tour.

Short details about the journey at luxury train tour India

1) The Deccan Odyssey: This is one of the most famous luxurious trains in India. On this luxury train tour, you will get facilities like restaurants & food, spa for rest massage, bedrooms facility.

2) Maharajas’ Express: Maharaja express is luxury train in India which is awarded as “World’s Leading Luxury Train.” On this luxury train travel, you will get facilities like a five-star hotel, private lounges, bedrooms, lavish washrooms, a luxurious dining area.

3) The Golden Chariot: This is the luxury train in India which is just like a design for kings or queens. It has beautiful interior design look like a palace. Facilities are spa center, in-house fine-dining restaurants, bedrooms, private lounges.

4) Royal Rajasthan on Wheels: As the name suggests we can feel “Rajasthan Rajput Royalty.” On this luxury train travel, we will get facilities like a luxury hotel, fine dining, private cabins.

5) Palace on Wheels: The first heritage luxury train in India which represents Indian royalty. On this luxury train travel, we will get facilities like restaurants & food, bedrooms.