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Koyna Tourism – The Beautiful Places to Visit in Koynanagar

Discover The Beauty Of Koyna Tourism

Koynanagar is on the Satara district on the Chiplun-Sangli highway. It is a miniature town located on the banks of the river Koyna with a population of around 30,000 people. There is no trace of pollution in Koynanagar because of its strategic location. Not only the town has a beautiful, serene climate but also lush greenery everywhere. Koyna tourism hence has gained importance since recent years. Koynanagar enjoys a calm atmosphere, frequent drizzles, and also a variety of flora and fauna. The town boasts of tranquillity, serenity, and peace.

Koynanagar is proud to be a part of the ‘UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves in India.’

The government of India has named it the “New Mahabaleshwar.” The government has already started work to replicate and develop this city like Mahabaleshwar. It will give a massive boost to the Maharashtra Tourism and will make it a pleasant getaway from the hectic city life. Koyna Tourism has gained a lot of momentum because of the following places:-

List of The Beautiful Places to Visit in Koynanagar

Koyna Tourism – Koyna Dam

Koyna dam is the largest dam in Maharashtra dam and is about 981sq km and is one of the best places to visit in Koynanagar. The dam is responsible for providing water to most of the cities in Maharashtra. It is also an attractive tourist location. Surrounded by thick evergreen forests on all side, it attracts nature enthusiasts from all over the state. The majestic  Dam takes the stream of the Koyna River at the Shivsagar Lake. The prime significance of this dam is to generate hydroelectricity and also to aid the nearby farms by irrigation.

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Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary – Koyna Tourism

The Koyna Wildlife sanctuary is a UNESCO world heritage. The total area of the sanctuary is 423 It is a dense, thick forest with a variety of mammals such as Bengal tigers, Indian bison, sloth bears and Indian leopards. The flora is also in abundance over here. The sanctuary lights up during the monsoon season. It offers a picturesque treat to all the monsoon lovers. The number of animals is reduced due to the increase in encroachment. The  Forest Development Authority now protects this world heritage site. Hence, this Sanctuary gives a lot of boost to Koyna Tourism.

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Nehru Garden – Koyna Tourism

Named after Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, this garden is one of the mains attractions of Koynanagar. Get a beautiful view of the Koyna Dam from the garden. The Garden is home to a variety of trees. Just 2km from Koynanagar, It is a great recreational spot. Here, one can relax and enjoy the company of nature.

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Vasota Fort

The Vasota fort also known as Nandugad has unique historical and architectural importance. The natural protective ambience gave the fort much significance in the earlier times. Moreover,  Thick forest surrounds the forest and provides the perfect adventure for hikers. Trekking is the favourite activity of the tourists visiting this place. Feel the Maratha legacy in the air. Explore the fort and witness a beautiful view of the wildlife sanctuary.

Shivsagar Lake

Shivsagar lake acts as a reservoir to the Koyna Dam. Boating facilities like scooter boating, speed boating are also available in the lake at reasonable rates, and one can even enjoy a trip around the sanctuary, experiencing the glory of woods. Furthermore, Travelers can also make quick getaways to the villages of Bamonoli and Tapola situated near the banks of Shivsagar Lake.

Shivsagar Lake -Koyna Tourism
Shivsagar Lake -Koyna Tourism

Ozarde Waterfall

The beautiful waterfall is a part of the Koyna wildlife sanctuary. A trekking path leads to the base of the waterfall. The massive structure of the waterfall is best seen during monsoon. The surrounding area is rich in Ayurvedic medicinal plants. The bottom of the waterfall always has a thick layer of mist.

Ozarde Waterfall - Koyna Tourism
Ozarde Waterfall – Koyna Tourism

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Bhairavgad Fort

Bhairavgad is one of the oldest forts of Maharashtra believed to be 2500 years old. Kalsubai-Harishchandragad wildlife sanctuary has this fort situated in the middle of it. There is an excellent trekking path through the sanctuary which leads to the fort. There is an ancient temple, beautifully carved, which has idols of Goddesses Bheri and Tula. Also, there is a “Bhairavnath” temple right across the former temple.  Furthermore, the surrounding presents an excellent opportunity for trekking and exploration.


Ghatmatha is a tiny village in the Patan taluka of Satara district. It is a miniature village with a population of around 200 people. It has a low literacy ratio and sex ratio. The people are amicable and encourage tourism.

Shri Ram Temple

The Shri Ram temple at Chaphal is a relic from the times of Shivaji Maharaj. This temple boasts Koyna Tourism. The holiest saint of that time Ramdas Swami had built it. The idol was found at a river in Angapur. The idol is of Lord Surya carrying lotus flowers in both his hands. Ramdas Swami saw Him as Lord Ram; consequently, the temple is known as Shri Ram temple. The temple has a marble structure and is famous as the rendezvous place of Ramdas Swami and Shivaji Maharaj. People visit this place and get mesmerized by the beautiful architecture and flora around it.

Wind Energy Project

The Wind Energy Project started in Satara in 1996. The climatic conditions are favourable for a wind energy project in Koynanagar. Suzlon has purchased the nearby land from farmers to give the project a boost in production. Major electricity generation is from this place and hence Koynanagar is known as the Sustainable energy capital of Maharashtra. The renewable energy source has brought Koynanagar recognition on the Map.


Dhareshwar is a small hamlet in the Patan taluka of the Satara District. The Dhareshwar Divashi temple is an ancient temple which grabs the attention of tourists. Here the idols of Shambhu Maharaj, Lord Ram, Ganesh and Shiva are present.

To summarize

Koynanagar is the best place for a family vacation. In essence, it has all the aspects of fun family time. Everyone should visit this enchanting place at least once in a lifetime. Stay tuned with Appealing India to know more about Koyna Tourism.

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