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Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary
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Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary – A Perfect Getaway Destination

Explore Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

Situated in the centre of the Satara district with abundant greenery and wildlife life is the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary. The dense forests of Satara have enabled plenty of wildlife to thrive in peace. Furthermore, the Western Ghats produce numerous rivers which flow through the sanctuary while keeping it alive. The total area of the sanctuary is It is on the Deccan plateau (Kass plateau) and hence has many variable petite plateaus. It was declared a sanctuary in the year 1985 and later a world heritage site by UNESCO. By all means, it is a hotspot of copious bio-diversity.

Climatic Conditions

The Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary is in the tropical monsoon belt. Consequently, It receives excessive rainfall. Additionally, the thunderstorms also wreak havoc in the sanctuary. For this reason, the sanctuary remains emerald green throughout the year. The sanctuary is hot and dry during May. The animals then survive on the river water. The insect community and the other animals get a chance to revive themselves during monsoon. Winter stretches from October to February. December and January are the coldest over here. On the whole, the climate here is quite blissful and pleasant.

Flora and Fauna

Monsoon is the primary season of Satara, and consequently, it has resulted in rich flora and fauna. A variety of mammals are a part of the Koyna Wildlife. Mammals such as Leopards, Bengal tigers, various species of deer, gray langurs, Indian giant squirrels and many more reside here. Trees encourage birds. As a result of lush greenery, uncountable bird species have their habitat over here. Heart-spotted woodpecker, crested goshawk, Asian fairy blue-bird, long-tailed Nightjar are some of the bird species which are in plenty over here. The good thing about the sanctuary is that the birds are allowed to roam freely in their natural habitat. Many reptiles have also made Koyna wildlife sanctuary their home. Indian pythons and King Cobras are very common over here. All in all, animal lovers can spend some fantastic moments here with the animals.


Climate is the primary catalyst for tourism over here. A pleasant and fresh climate attracts tourists over here. The sanctuary has rivers flowing through its middle which provides ample water for the animals. Hence the tourists get to see the wild animals now and then. May is the only season which is hot, rest all the seasons are worth visiting. This place is indeed a marvel in the monsoon. Nature lovers, this is a beautiful place for you to be in the rainy season. Trekkers usually trek through the forests and admire the beauty of nature. The localities over here are dependent on tourism for their living. The boost in tourism has proven to be a boon for them. All in all, it is a perfect getaway for a rainy day.

Places to Visit Nearby Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

1. Ozarde Waterfall

The Ozarde waterfall is in the sanctuary itself. Trekkers generally trek through the forest of Satara to reach the base of the waterfall. Many rivers supply water to this waterfall. It gushes mightily in the rainy season. The force of the falling water is such that, a mist gathers at the base of the waterfall. This is a breathtaking sight. People travel from all over Maharashtra to witness this waterfall in the rainy season.

2. Koyna Dam

The Koyna Dam is on the Koyna river. It is one of the most significant dams in India and supplies water to majority parts of Maharashtra. Shivsagar Lake is the reservoir of this dam. It also acts as the main dam for the Koyna Hydroelectric Project.

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3. Shivsagar Lake

This beautiful lake is in Koynanagar. It is one among the vast lakes of Maharashtra. The Shivsagar lake has all the elements of scenic beauty. To emphasize, the Shivsagar lake has beautiful flora surrounding it, fresh greenery everywhere and calmness around it. People generally visit this lake with the intention to seek solace in nature’s proximity.

4. Vasota fort

The Vasota fort also know as Vyaghragad lies on the Sahyadri ranges. It is an ancient fort which attracts many trekkers. The altitude of the fort is 3842ft. The fort is challenging to climb owing to the rocky mountain range and climatic conditions. Even then admirers climb this fort in the hope that they’ll be lucky enough to witness the view from the top. Thick forest surrounds the fort on all the sides. You can trek through the jungle to reach the fort. In particular, a breathtaking view of the Shivsagar lake is visible from the top.


The resort of your stay usually organizes the Safari for you. The entry fee of the wildlife sanctuary is Rs.20/-. The timing of the sanctuary is between 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. If you are travelling by a private car, then an extra fee of Rs.40/- will be charged. The safari presents an excellent chance to get acquainted with The visibility of the animals depends entirely on the mood of the animals. The safari is a great entertainment opportunity for kids. Overall, the safari is a great way to spend the day together with your family.


There are many resorts in Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary as it is in the vicinity of nature. Some of the resorts are relatively cost-effective. The rates drop drastically in the off-season. Some of the resorts are Nisarga Agro Tourism, the Riverview Resort, Forest County Resort, etc.


Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary is in Satara district. It lies at a distance of 180km from Pune. It is quite easy to travel here by all the three modes of transport. People generally prefer to travel by road to reach the sanctuary.

In Conclusion:

Altogether, Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary is the perfect getaway from the city life. It is the best place to visit with family. Do visit to enjoy a quiet vacation.

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