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Confused about Destination. Find your Solutions in Manas Resort Igatpuri.

Vacations are approaching and many people are planning vacations trip with their family. When it comes to family people start to explore resorts with a different set of amenities. Where the Whole family will have a great time and share memorable memories. Manas Resort Igatpuri provides you with the next level of features and facilities. You can visit the Manas resort and find what next level features they are providing. Manas resort Igatpuri is a first resort which provides you with a petting zoo. Which is a fascinating place to see where pets are present so as you and your family with a great time and memories?

1)Finding Manas Resort Igatpuri and want to explore the new facilities inside the resort:

Manas Resort Igatpuri is located in Igatpuri. Igatpuri is a small hill station in the state of Maharashtra. When you will be visiting Igatpuri you can come towards 303 National Highway, Talegoan, Nashik, Maharashtra. After you reach Igatpuri you will be able to enjoy the resort with your family and friends. You have a blast at the Manas resort Igatpuri making it more fascinating and most enjoyable place for you and your family members.

2)New Facility that will make you relax and enjoy in the Manas Resort :


Manas Resort Igatpuri is the only resort where you can find a petting zoo where all kinds of animal which can be petted are kept and you can have a glance at them. You can also enjoy with those animals such as swim with them along with your superfamily. You can even stay with those animals have a very good time with them and enjoy with them. This is the only resort where you find the next level of the facility where pets are there with humans showing animals are best friends of humans. You will enjoy your vacation in the resort making sweet memories with your family.

3)Other facilities in the Manas Resort to enjoy your Vacations:


Manas Resort Igatpuri provides with other facilities which all the other Resorts provide you with but there is a difference. You find a petting zoo in the Manas resort for your entertainment with animals. Manas resort provides you with a Swimming pool where people who want to become cool can visit the pool area. There is a 20ft waterfall where people can soak themselves in order to keep the heat at a distance.

4) Rooms and Dining halls at Manas Resort for luxury and food lovers:

Luxury Rooms And Dining Halls: Manas Resort
Luxury Rooms And Dining Halls: Manas Resort

Manas Resort Igatpuri Provides you with the best of quality rooms and traditional foods are served at the dining for all foodie people. Luxury lovers are at the peak when you reach Manas resort and your luxury will not be compromised at any point of time making you feel the king of the resort.

5) A spa is available to make you more relaxed to enjoy Manas Resort Igatpuri :

Wedding and Spa at Manas Resort
Wedding and Spa at Manas Resort

Manas Resort is equipped with an inbuilt spa making you relax in a more healthy way by applying traditional tips. Events such as corporate trips or visits can be organized. Business Meeting can also be held in the Manas resort. For your wedding destination, Manas Resort taken into consideration in the facility equipped Manas resort. Birthday bashes can also be hosted in the Manas Resort.

When you Visit Igatpuri in search of your own holiday then you should visit Manas Resort. You have a blast in the resort keeping in mind your family’s health and relax with a superb set of facilities. Visit the nearby places in Igatpuri to make your trip memorable.

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