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Nehru Garden Koyna : Get Inspired by the Beauty of Nature!

Nehru Garden Koyna – A Full House of Ayurvedic Medical Plants

Koynanagar presents all such spots which are Nature explicit. It offers lush greenery, beautiful waterfalls, and a variety of flora and fauna. As a result, many people plan their weekend in Koynanagar with their families. One such spot in Koynanagar is the Nehru Garden Koyna. Nehru Garden Koyna is next to the Koyna dam. Additionally, as it not allowed to go near the dam, a good view of the dam is possible from the Koyna.

How to Reach Nehru Garden Koyna:

Koynanagar is at a distance of around 200km from Pune. The drive is quite comfortable. The traffic in Koynanagar is thankfully less. Consequently, it is possible to commute easily. Nehru Garden Koyna is in the Humbarli area of Koynanagar. All one has to do is to reach the Koyna dam in the Humbarli area. The Nehru Garden Koyna is just next to the Koyna dam. If you are travelling from Satara, it takes around 90km to reach the garden. Once you enter the garden, beware of the monkeys skipping around. They usually snatch the food items that you are carrying. All in all, it is effortless to reach the Nehru Garden Koyna without any diversions.

The Beauty of Nehru Garden Koyna:

The Nehru Garden Koynanagar gets its name from our first Prime Minister Shri Jawaharlal Nehru. As soon as you enter the garden, you’ll see a lot of monkeys. These monkeys have made Nehru Garden Koynanagar their home. The speciality of the garden is that it telecasts a short 30-minute film on the Koyna Hydroelectric Project. Owing to the importance of Hydroelectricity this film is worth watching. In particular, it makes us realize the significance of our Koyna Dam.

The Nehru Garden Koyna is also famous for its medicinal herbs and plants. These herbs have ayurvedic importance. People interested in plant life can learn a lot over here. For instance, these ayurvedic plants have gained influence since times immemorial. Another key point is, you can get a breathtaking view of the Koyna Dam from the Nehru Garden Koynanagar. There is a small hill inside the Nehru Garden Koyna from where this view is visible. Also, a good view of the Shivsagar lake is plausible.

Places To Visit Nearby Koynanagar:

Vasota Fort:

The Vasota fort also known as Nandugad has unique historical and architectural importance. The natural protective ambience gave the fort much significance in the earlier times. Moreover, Thick forest surrounds the forest and provides the perfect adventure for hikers. Trekking is the favourite activity of the tourists visiting this place. Feel the Maratha legacy in the air. Hence, explore the fort and witness a beautiful view of the wildlife sanctuary.

Shivsagar Lake:

Shivsagar lake acts as a reservoir to the Koyna Dam. Boating facilities like scooter boating, speed boating are also available in the lake at reasonable rates, and one can even enjoy a trip around the sanctuary, experiencing the glory of woods. Furthermore, Travelers can also make quick getaways to the villages of Bamonoli and Tapola situated near the banks of Shivsagar Lake. On the whole, be mesmerized by the beauty of this lake.

Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary:

The Koyna Wildlife sanctuary is a UNESCO world heritage. The total area of the sanctuary is 423 It is a dense, thick forest with a variety of mammals such as Bengal tigers, Indian bison, sloth bears and Indian leopards. The flora is also in abundance over here. The sanctuary lights up during the monsoon season. It offers a picturesque treat to all the monsoon lovers. The increase in encroachment has reduced the number of animals. The Forest Development Authority now protects this world heritage site.

In Conclusion:

On the whole, Koynanagar presents all the picturesque spots, in particular, the Nehru Garden. Visit this place and get inspired by the beauty of Nature and you also enjoy some of the best resorts Koynanagar Resort.

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