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Qutub Minar Information : Appease Your Eyes With This Mighty Structure!

Qutub Minar: One of the Most Majestic Towers of India

The mighty tower standing tall and unabashed in Delhi is the Qutub Minar. Standing tall since the 11th century, it has always attracted tourists from all over the world. It is wholly made up of bricks and is the tallest minaret in the whole world. The site of this tower includes many other historical monuments. Qutub-ud-din Aibak built it in the 11th century AD, and it is named after him.

Qutub Minar Structure Information:

The tapering tower is 73 meters in height with five sections. The base diameter of the structure is 14.3 meter which tapers to around 2.7 meters at the top. The construction started with the first three storeys. The base storeys are made up of sandstone, and the top two storeys are made up of marble and sandstone. Balconies and flanges segregate the storeys.
Furthermore, many Mughal Emperors have made changes to the Minar. In the same Fashion, the Qutub Minar history contains many carvings on its wall. The inscriptions depict the various Arabic and Persian verses.

Qutub Minar Information
Qutub Minar Information

The Qutub Complex

The Qutub complex contains many buildings which are historically significant. The structures inside the complex are the Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque, the Iron Pillar of Delhi, the Tomb of Imam Zamin, the Tomb of Iltutmish and Major Smith’s Cupola. Quwat ul Islam mosque is at the foot of the tower. Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque is the first mosque constructed in India. It is at the north-east foot of the minaret. The Iron Pillar, which is rust resistant, attracts tourists as well as draws the attention of archaeologists and materials scientists. Furthermore, it is from the Gupta Empire and has Brahmic inscriptions on it. Additionally, it has a belief that, if one faces the pillar and embraces it fully with both his hands touching at the back, his wishes get fulfilled.

Qutub Minar History:

The founder of the Turkish rule in India, Qutab-ud-din Aibak initiated the construction of this minaret. Consequently, he could only complete the base. Iltutmush his son-in-law added three more storeys in a tapering format. In 1369, lightning struck and destroyed the top storey of the Minar. In 1369, lightning struck and destroyed the top storey of the Minar. At the same time, in 1505 an earthquake took place damaging Qutab Minar. On the contrary, the tower stands tall today, and many rulers have contributed to the architect of Qutab Manar. An earthquake again hit the Qutub Minar in 1803, and it suffered nature’s agitation once again. Major Robert Smith of the British Indian Army, then handled the construction and renovation of the monument.

Qutub Minar History
Qutub Minar History


Qutab Minar is a hot favourite of Abroad tourists. The legends which go around this minaret are worth hearing and people coming from a distant land love to hear them. The entry fee for Indians is Rs.30/- and consequently for the foreigners is Rs.500/-. The entry is free for children below the age of 15 years. Nobody can climb the tower because of fear of accidents.

How to reach:

Metro: The Qutub Minar is in the south-west part of Delhi. Board a train from the DMRC station and get down at the Qutab Minar station. Catch a DTS bus to reach the Minar. Additionally, you can also travel there through the bus service provided by Delhi Tourism.

Visit Timings: Sunrise to Sunset

Hence, it is a delightful experience to visit Qutab Minar and experience the beauty of it. On the whole, Qutub Minar is one of the most magnificent monuments of India.

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In conclusion:

These are the things which you can explore in the Qutub Minar one of the majestic towers of India. You can enjoy your time at one of the world most majestic and world heritage places. You can also check out the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE PLACES.

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