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Golden Temple Amritsar – A Prestigious Gurudwara of India

Interesting Facts about the Golden Temple in India

The Golden temple is One of the numerous outstanding destinations which introduces as the wonder of Indian beauty. The Golden Temple is respectfully known as “Sri Harimandir Sahib”, “Darbar Sahib” is not only a primary devotional place of the Sikhs but also a representation of human society and equality. Golden temple is holiest Amritsar Gurdwara of Sikhism belongs to Punjab culture situated in Amritsar, Punjab, India.  The Golden Temple is open for anyone from anywhere from any religion. It also represents the distinct identity, glory and heritage of the Sikhs.

Golden Temple History 

The Gurdwara established in 1577 by the fourth Sikh guru, Guru Ram Das with the fifth, Guru Arjan describing the Amritsar Gurudwara. In 1581 the golden temple formed with the first variant of the Amritsar gurudwara taking eight years. Guru Arjan purposed the golden temple to be at a level lower than the city to emphasise humility before entering the gurudwara. He also directed that the temple compound be open on all sides to a purpose that it was open to all.

Golden Temple Amritsar
Golden Temple Amritsar

A lengthening conflict among the Sikhs and Muslims saw the temple finally blown up in 1762. A new central gateway, highway & sanctum were ended in 1776 while the floor around the pool was completed in 1784. The temple was initially built without any gold coating. Ranjit Singh declared he would renew and reconstruct it with marble and gold. In 1830 Ranjit Singh distributed gold to overlap the sanctum with gold foil.

Why You Must Visit Golden Temple Amritsar

1) The Golden temple is one of the fantastic places of seven wonders of India. The name of “Shri Har Mandir Sahib” means “Temple of the lord.”Golden temple defined or we can say represent the Indian devotion. Gurudwara of Amritsar is the most religious destination all over the world. Golden temple is the holiest destination in India, so if you visit it, you can feel devotional attachment.

2) If you asked what to see in the golden temple, so it has unique architecture & beautiful construction by using marble & gold. The golden temple Amritsar constructed like the temple which hides four great long white marble walls, you can not be able to see the golden temple until you move into one of the large four doors. It has a classic marble lower level decorated with animal and flower themes in work, similarly viewed on the Taj Mahal. Above this, there is the second level, defined in engraved gold tapestries, coated by a 750 kg gold-covered dome.

Some More Points to Visit Golden Temple:

1) The golden temple is the most magnificent devotional destination in India which is a symbol of unity & equality hence their doors are 24 hours open for everyone whether you are religious or not religious the environment inward the golden temple is indisputable therefore all religious people are allowed in the golden temple. When we entered the temple, we can see there is a unique entrance space which called as “chowk Ghar ghanta“. The entrance which takes you down a few steps under a wonderfully ornamented entry and outdoors onto a marble walkway.

2) A golden temple is a magical place it glows in the daytime with a sunny sky above us, the white marble gateways almost dazzling in daylight and gold domes shines but at night golden temple wholly glows in the dark sky above us, gold domes & white marble walls almost shines. I want to suggest you don’t miss the golden temple night view it looks fantastic.

3)The golden temple is included in seven wonders of India, Indian prestigious & holiest destinations as well as most amazing & architectural & historical places.

Golden Temple
Golden Temple

How to Reach Golden Temple

For Visiting golden temple you can also choose local transport such as auto and cycle rickshaws. The fare for local transport is the cheapest and most convenient mode of transportation. Also, you can hire car rental companies and reach the temple. The Golden Temple Trust also arranges free bus services from the Amritsar Railway Station.

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